Reading in College

Reading, while living with a friend...

This is an activity that I have had to deal with this year, moving from home to a dorm room in college with a friend constantly around. This method of reading has some very strong benefits and cons associated with it, they are: 

My Roommate: 

  • I in no way want this to turn into a roommate bash, my roommate is probably the nicest guy you will every meet. 
  • Childish behaviors tend to occur in times of stress, limiting the amount of quiet reading time that you have. 
    • When we get stressed in University the first thing that happens is my friend group (always in my room) will look up memes and begin to pester me until I look at them. Even if I am reading, they just don't get it. 
  • Weird sleeping patterns:
    • My roommate goes to sleep long after I have and is often times awake and being the annoying little brother figure he is around the times I like to read. 
    • He will sleep from 1-9am and I will try to read when he is sleeping then. 
  • Spontaneous Adventures
    • My roommate is great at wanting to go and see what there is going on, often he will get the urge while I am reading and then continually ask me when I am reading... 
    • Other times I just do not feel like reading because I would love to go out and explore the area around my campus. 
My Lessons: 
  • The main thing I have learned, is that I must get in the reading time around his sleeping patterns and when no one else will be in the room in order to get any done. 
  • Trying to avoid his questions just leads to more pestering. 
  • Walking away does not work, as I will then sit outside and people watch instead of reading. 
  • People who can read in loud areas and with distractions are SAINTS!
This is in no way me saying that my roommate is bad or has single handedly harmed my reading progress, UNI has also cut down on the time I have to read for pleasure. 

I just thought you all might like a glimpse into my life at university with classes and work outside of that I am still aiming to find time to read but these are some reasons I have been slower in the reading front this year. 

Sample Semester schedule: 
  • Chemistry 1
    • With a lab and discussion course.
  • Genetics 
  • Intro To Calculus
    • With a discussion course. 
  • English 
Discussion Question:
How you you all get through the day when you are surrounded by people and are rarely able to be alone?

Happy Reading!


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