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January 2017

Hey Guys! 

So the new year is finally here and I am hoping to kick off this year with a bang and read a ton this year, so for a while I will try to continue posting To Be Read lists at the start of each month in order to keep myself on track and accountable. I just want you all to know that these lists for me are more of a target than a guarantee as I am a slow reader and an over ambicious planner. I will however be attempting to read these books in the month of January to kick off the year with a bang!

January TBR: 

As many of you will have seen in my 2017 Goals post I will be focussing on my personal horde of books predominantly instead of the new releases, however a HUGE task on that list is to complete the Harry Potter Series this year. Yes, yes I know I should have finished it a long time ago don't get upset. I am determined to make January my Potter month to marathon the series and finally complete them! This will take the anxiety away from me for each time someone mentions Harry Potter in conversation I will freeze and leave the conversation for fears of being spoiled, no longer will that be the case after January!

  • Harry Potter (Books 1-7)
    • This is going to be a huge undertaking to read in one month but I am hoping to read them quickly and enjoy the experience exploring the wonderful world beyond book four which is where I stopped all those years ago. I will focus on these books this month to power through and hang out with Harry, Ron, and Hermione again. 
  • A Closed and Common Orbit
    • by: Becky Chambers 
    • Page Count: 364
    • This is the companion book to The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet which I read at the beginning of last year and absolutely loved! I am surprised that I haven't picked this one up sooner, however I am going to make this one my first read of 2017 to carry on the tradition of Becky Chambers ushering in the new year for me. This one follows some of the original crew as I know and I just want to dive in and see what wild adventures I am taken on this time!
  • The Girl on the Train 
    • by: Paula Hawkins 
    • Page Count: 322
    • This is a thriller that has been making the rounds in the book community that I picked up recently at my library book sale for a dollar. I am going to be reading this with Missy at BingeReader on YouTube! We have buddy read books together before, all of which have been horror or thrillers so I am excited to keep the trend going! This book will also be used to break up the large amount of wonderful fantasy that I am reading this month with the Harry Potter series. 
Is this too much for me to read in one month? Yes, probably. Will I try to complete as many of these books as I can? You bet I will try my hardest to power through these wonderful books and finally finish the Harry Potter series if all else fails I willl solely read them. Wish me luck on this first month of the new year trying to read so many books and big books at that in one month... 

I gotta run for now to go and read A Closed and Common Orbit to kick the year off right! I will chat more on Wednesday with a review for the last two Lord of the Rings books! 

Happy Reading!


  1. I want to finish the Harry Potter series this year as well. I read books 1&2 last fall so I'm am determined to finally finish the series as well. I've also been wanting to watch the movies so I'm going to do that when I'm done with the books.


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