Girl on The Train

Girl on the Train
By: Paula Hawkins

Hello Everybody!

Today I have a very special review for a new found favorite genre, thrillers. I read this book with my friend Missy over at BingeReader on YouTube two weeks ago and we watched the movie just a few nights ago. This book was so much fun to read, though it was confusing at times I believe that was done intentionally by the author to show you how Rachel (main character) is feeling. The book was fun, fast paced, and held a twist that is never expected all of which contributed to the enjoyable read that The Girl on The Train is. The movie on the other hand was frustrating and inaccurate, if you want to hear my thoughts on inaccurate adaptations I certainly can do that for you all because I do have a ton of adaptations I can discuss. 

This book was one that I had found about a month ago in my local library's book sale for $1, and as this was a hardcover in decent condition I picked it up. I must say that this book was worth every penny that I paid for it! Though I do not see this book winning a literary prize for its writing or depth of character, I do see this book as a rip roaring thrill ride through the quiet English suburbs. This book is set in England specifically on a section of railway tracks leading into London, The main character Rachel has been through hell and back dealing with a messy divorce and her ex-husband's affair, though she is not particularly likeable, I found myself rooting for her to get up again and fight. Rachel and all the characters that Hawkins has written in this novel are morally ambiguous, none are good or bad. This questionable moral character is something that I enjoy immensely in novels for me it allows all understanding and compassion to fall on the reader to decide for themselves, and I deem Rachel as morally right! With a cast of questionable and fully formed characters Paula Hawkins has created  a story that you will not soon forget. 

The plot of this book was odd, it has an alternating timeline which at first is confusing and jarring however as you become engrossed in this book all of that fades away. The idea for creating a layered plotline is amazing, as it does add a layer of complexity to Rachel's story which makes sense as she is an alcoholic. From the very beginning of this book the reader is swept up in this brutal British mystery! I do not want to discuss much as far as plot goes because I feel it is best to go in blind this book, essentially this book follows Rachel as she tries to help solve a mystery in suburban Britain. 

As a whole this book combines a fun plot with complex and engaging characters to tell the story of a rogue woman trying to prove her innocence. The themes in this book are phenominal, Hawkins seemingly discusses issues of prejudice and class divides in one fell swoop that will suck you in and not let you go! All in all I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something that is quick to read and engaging with a sinister twist.

Rating: 4/5 stars 

While this is only a four star book for me, it is still a fun and decent read. I couldn't give it five stars for the fact that it was missing something that I cannot place my finger on but regardless it is a great read! 

Happy Reading! 
If you are in the mood for a crazy crime novel or something unnerving, The Girl on The Train must be your next read!


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