Weekly Plans January 16th

Weekly Plans: 
January 16th 2017

Hello Everyone! 

I am here again on a Monday morning to speak about what I plan on doing this week in terms of reading, and other nerdy activities! I am happy to report that I have finished my third book of the year last night, The Girl on the Train, which I found to be immensely entertaining and eye opening in the end. To find out my full thoughts on this book, check in right here on Wednesday January 25th. This week I have a very important post going up to review, Planetfall by: Emma Newman. In this review I will be mentioning some pertinent topic about representation within Sci-Fi and the importance of an audiobook narrator's voice, in addition to the regularly scheduled review of this AMAZING Sci-Fi novel! On Friday you will see a surprise post from me, I will host a poll on Twitter to choose the topic. If you would like to give me your input on this Friday's blog post, check out my Twitter poll @Komondor70. 

This week I will be focussing on four new novels! I know, you all are going to think I am batty for starting so many new novels right away. I will be reading them in my spare time and scheduling some time to read each and every day this coming week, regardless of other aspects of my life. These four books include: 

  1. Obelisk Gate 
    1. by: NK Jemisin 
    2. This is the sequel to The Fifth Season which I read last year and enjoyed immensely. I have yet to get to this book as it is quite a complex world and I need to revisit some notes on the first book before diving in. However this week I will be diving back into the luscious world that Jemisin began to explore in The Fifth Season! This book is also a buddy-read with my pal James over at James Chatham on YouTube. 
  2. Hillbilly Elegy
    1. by: JD Vance 
    2. This is a new memoir that has recently gained a copious amount of buzz within the bookish community for its deeply personal voice, which is used to tell a uniquely American story. Being from a rural town myself in a part of the country which has a heavy dose of "redneck" behavior engrained within its culture, I felt as though it would be fun and interesting to see another person's perspective on a similar culture. This book is guaranteed to be an enjoyable and thought provoking read. 
  3. The Unseen World 
    1. by: Liz Moore
    2. This book has received some incredible buzz on YouTube recently from creators that I really respect and enjoy their bookish tastes! Those people who have recently praised this book include Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings, Max from WellDoneBooks, and Reagan from PeruseProject; each one of these amazing creators had nothing but amazing things to say about this book and the writing within its pages. This is one that I know very little about before going in, except that it is set in the 1980's which is always a refreshing time period to read from!
  4. The Lies of Locke Lamora 
    1. by: Scott Lynch 
    2. This is an epic heist based fantasy series that has been out in the world for a long time and I have get to get around to reading this book and I think that it is about time to get reading it! This book follows a thieving crew called the Gentleman Bastards and their antics that they embark on within this fantastical version of Italy; what else can I ask for!This is a chunky book in the end I am hoping that this will be a fast paced read with wonderful intrigue and characters!
With this giant stack of books to delve into this week I am also going to attempt to watch at least one movie or show. I have yet to decide what I am going to be watching, though I have options backed up on my Netflix account some of which include: 
  • Arrow Season 4 
  • The Crown Season 1
  • Friends Season 1
  • Parks and Recreation Season 1
  • The Flash Season 1 
  • The Young Pope (HBO Show) 
I know I will not get to many of these television shows, however I like to keep my options open when I am planning my week. I think with this list of books, and shows I can fill my free time pretty well during this busy work week at Uni. I will let you all know how I am getting through this list on Wednesday in a separate post from the Planetfall book review, so be sure to check in at 8AM EST on Wednesday to see my progress on this list and much more!

Happy Reading! 


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