Friday Reads

Friday Reads: 
January 6th 2017

Hello Everyone!

I am here today to speak about the shenanigans that I will be getting up to this weekend and the books that I hope to read. I have been doing a massive amount of film watching this holiday break and I have loved every second of it, however this is sadly coming to a close because I head back up to University next Wednesday the 11th of January. In having my holiday break coming to a close I hope to end it with some good movies, and some massive amounts of reading! 

For films this weekend I am going to watch a documentary about masculinity that I am sure will Man Up: Surviving Modern Masculinity did when I read it a month or so ago. This is something that I heard about from Paul over at ACommonTouchofFantasy on YouTube in his liveshow, and I am incredibly happy that I am able to see it before heading back to University! Saturday I will be seeing Hidden Figures with my aunt and then picking up the non-fiction book in which the film is based on, this shows an important aspect of NASA that many do not know, the African American women who worked for them. I will also be watching Arrow Season 4 of what is out of it because I want to catch up on old episodes that all of my friends have seen. I will surely find many other things to watch on the off chance I have free time. 
evoke the same fire in me as,

As for reading, I will be focussing on two main reads. A Closed and Common Orbit by: Becky The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet which I started 2016 by reading. This books follows different characters but still captures hard hitting topics such as race issues, gender ideology, and much more within this exciting Science Fiction world. I have 127 pages left until I am done, though I am not sure if I want this story to end. The second novel that I am re-reading is The Power of One, and no this is not a self help book, by: Bryce Courtenay. This book is probably my favorite book of all time, for its rich character development and themes that Courtenay uses to show how much one man can change the world. I am eager to read more of this and then dive into the sequel which I never knew about, Tandia by: Bryce Courtenay. 
Chambers I will be finishing and writing a review for in the coming days. This book is the companion sequel to

These are my humble weekend plans, I hope you all enjoy this time and get to read some phenomenal books. I also will be spending time with my family because I am leaving so soon...

Happy Reading!


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