#DiversaAThon TBR

DiversAthon TBR

Hello everyone, 

As many of you will know, today is inauguration day here in the United States. This year We are putting a man into office who genuinely scares me, so to combat this I am joining up with the lovely hosts of DiverseAthon to participate in a week long readathon. Nothing like running from your problems in the real world... 

I am overjoyed to see this lovely readathon happening once again as it is promoting the enjoyment of OwnVoices novels and proper representation for marginalized groups in our literature. This is something that prior to round one of this readathon I did not think of much, as I always had a character to relate to within a book as a straight white male. However I am just now realizing how poor representation for so many people are, not just differing races, but illnesses, disabilities etc... So to combat that I am going to be dipping my toes into the waters of diverse literature for one week. 

This readathon takes place from January 22nd-29th 2017! During this week there are going to be some fun things happening on social media using the #Diverseathon handle so check those out as well... This week I will be rather busy, however I wanted to mention the three books that I am going to try to complete during this upcoming week ontop of the other books that I already have started. 

#Diversathon TBR: 
  1. Norwegian Wood 
    1. by: Haruki Murakami 
    2. Page Count: 386
    3. I found this novel on an own voices list within Goodreads and instantly knew that I wanted to read it! This story follows a man having a flashback about his university days and the issues he had during those times while in Tokyo. Though I have never been to Japan I hope that I too will connect with the story Murakami is speaking about.
  2. Homegoing
    1. by: Yaa Gyasi 
    2. Page Count: 300
    3. This was the readathon's group read for round one, and I did not have time to read it then, though I have heard nothing but amazing things since then about this novel. This follows the many generations of these two sisters from Ghana whose paths are very different. I do not know much more than that, but I am eager to start this novel!
  3. Hidden Figure 
    1. by: Margot Lee Shetterly 
    2. Page Count: 265
    3. This movie was astounding when I saw it last week and I bought the book immediately after seeing the film! This nonfiction book follows the African American women who helped make the space program function with the John Glenn orbit project. I did not know that NASA had employed people of color in the early days of the space program, and I know that this book will illuminate all of my misunderstandings.
I do have many other books sitting here on my shelves that I wanted to weave into this TBR however I realize that even these may prove to be challenging for me to complete in one week. I will be weaving the rest of my diverse books into upcoming weekly TBR posts so that we all can embrace accurate and fair representation in books! I hope that if you are all going to participate in this readathon that it goes well and you are able to shed some light onto the many differences in human life and learn to appreciate them all! 

Happy Reading!
Check in this weekend to see a bonus post! Shh it is a secret just between you and I...


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