Weekly Plans

Weekly Plans:
January 30th-February 5th

Hello Everyone!

I am here today to speak about my reading plans for this week! I am going to step up reading on my priority list this week to see if I can reach my goal of at least 2 hours of pleasure reading per day of the week. This new goal will allow me to complete more books and in turn give you all more fun and intriguing content. To do this new goal of mine I will be awake starting at 6:30AM Eastern Standard Time to fit in two hours of reading before the work day begins... I will kick off the week reading some fantastic novels, today I want to list them and share my page goals for the days this week. 

The Weekly Goals: 
  • Stories of Your Life
    • By: Ted Chiang
    • For this wonderful short story collection I need to read on average one story a day and then this weekend I will need to finish the book with the last long essay inside it. On average each day, in order to complete this book in one week I will need to read about 50 pgs per day. I do realize that this is a lot for me to read in a day however I am going to kick off my day with one of these stories! Later this weekend I also will watch the new movie, Arrival which was inspired by one of these stories. 
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora
    • By: Scott Lynch
    • This book is the first in a new epic series that follows a thieving crew in a medieval Italy. I will not be finishing this book to be honest, however I would like to make more progress in it this week. I have so much to read on top of this stuff, but if I want to finish this book this coming week I need to read 66 pages a day. 
  • The Blinding Knife 
    • By: Brent Weeks
    • This is the sequel to The Black Prism which I read two years ago now and never got around to. I love this world so much when I am immersed, however when I see the size of these books I am daunted and honestly scared to pick them up. I began reading this book on Sunday and I fell right back into the world and want to continue, so this is a rival for The Lies of Locke Lamora as my large fantasy novel to read for the week. If I wanted to complete this book in a week I would need to read 87 pages a day which is not a realistic goal for myself, though in all honestly I may continue to delve deeper in this richly imaginative world! 
Happy Reading!

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