Independent Authors: Why read their works?

Independent Authors and Small Presses: 
Why read and critique their work?

Hello All! 

I am here today to chat with you about our reading tastes and why we all should give up and coming authors and small presses a chance when shopping for our next read. This is a topic that I have began to think about recently, as I have accepted some local independently published authors to read and review books for in February. I have worked with small presses in the past and it is my experience that they often times are more responsive and cooperative in the reviewing process in addition to publishing unknown works. In looking for my next read I must say that there are so many popular books that I have seen talked about on YouTube and in the blogs that I follow, however I have begun to look for lesser known books to give a shoutout in the blog and show Indi authors some reading love. 

I am asking us all to step beyond the traditional route of book buying by popular publishing houses and reach for an independent work occasionally... I know it will benefit us all to expand out To Be Read piles even more with new authors.

I love the idea of supporting local authors and smaller presses, which is what I have recently done in Cup by: Robert Wills & Rachael Kasper and The First Day by: John Duprey.  John was in my high school graduating class and is a hard working young man who I respect immensely so I decided to share his story with you all; Robert and Rachael are a writing duo who live in my town and show such care and compassion for their story that I was captivated and swept up and could not wait to read their book. Though these two examples are of authors who I knew in real life I do not think that this is what you should focus on, we should just open up and try all authors equally. 
connecting myself with independent authors from my hometown. I will have reviews of their books up soon, however the books that I am talking about are

How can we try new independent authors without a huge commitment? Well as many of you may know the books that are published by independent authors are quite costly and can hinder people from picking them up. However I have a few suggestions on how we all can read independent authors and small presses without much monetary involvement, check your local library to see if they have the books you're looking for, or even better for the author and the press you could look on the Amazon Kindle store to see if they have a cheaper option. Regardless of how we attain these works I think it is crucial to give authors a chance before instantly judging them on the sole reason they do not have a traditional publishing house. Another glory of small presses is that they can often times take a stance that is risky or controversial and thus giving another opinion on topics that may otherwise get swept under the "rug" by traditional publishing houses. 

Taking risks and supporting those who are published independently or small presses is something that I am going to be focusing on during this year. I will begin with the two books that I have by those listed above however when I am done these two I would like any recommendations you all have for independent presses or authors, at which point I will purchase some more and spotlight a few independent works a month! Pleas in the comments let me know who you like in the independent publishing world. 

If you all would like to check out a lovely small press subscription box, I would highley recommend checking out Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings on YouTube, as she has just launched Moth Box. Moth Box sends you two books every other month hand wrapped with some bookmarks from small presses in the UK that Mercedes has enjoyed. This is an excelent way to try new books and support an awesome person aswell! 

Mercedes announces her amazing Bookish Postal Service here!

Happy Reading Everyone! 
Remember to take a chance on new authors and presses. Read read read, my life motto some would say.


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