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Diverse Books TBR & Goals

Hello everyone!

I am back today to make up for my MIA post on Wednesday of this week. I am going to be discussing my general goals for future reading on the subjects of diversity and I will show you a selection of books that I would like to read. In reading diverse literature I know it is important to have a broad understanding of many groups to gain a well rounded perspective on the groups that are marginalized on a daily basis. While there are groups that I have learned a lot about in school or through prior reading such as the African American community, the Asian American community, and the Native American groups; though I have heard a lot about these groups I feel that I need to go through and read literature surrounding these groups with a critical eye on the author's research and portrayal of them. Groups that are often villainized in literature will use stereotypes to generalize group's characteristics which is not fair on any level! There are some books that I want to revisit for this reason include: 
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    • By: Mark Twain
  • Black Boy 
    • By: Richard Wright 
  • Obasan 
    • By: Joy Kogawa
  • Itsuka 
    • By: Joy Kogawa
When I reread these books I want to take a more attentive approach when I come across questionable representation. I want to give these all another chance as I have not always enjoyed or seen the importance in these books, however I now see that representation in both literature and media is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated. When reading these books I am sure I will be forced to experience uncomfortable issues and scenarios that were previously glossed over in my reading, seeing these difficult topics with an older mind I hope will allow me to grow as a person. I have always been interested in many cultures and pleaces around the world, however reading diversely is not always about reading from different nationalities perspectives. Reading diversely must encompass differing abilities both mentally and physically, different sexualities, and different religions which all are topics that I have not explored much thus far. To correct my shallow knowledge of these topics outside the bounds of race, I will be picking up these books: 
  • History is All You Left Me
    • By: Adam Silvera
  • Can You Hear the Nightbird Calling
    • By: Anita Rau Badami
  • A Fine Balance 
    • By: Rohinton Mistry
After reading books dealing with the topics of sexuality, religion and disabilities I would like to explore the immigrants experience. I was born and raised in America, thankfully I have never travelled long distances to move though I know that many people have been forced to uproot themselves and venture into a foreign country. I know that the immigrant experience varies depending upon the location they are fleeing to and what experiences that they have had along the way; for this reason I have the most books to read from: 
  • The Good Immigrant 
    • By: Nikesh Shukla
  • Hunting Season: Immigration and Murder in an All-American Town
    • By: Mirta Ojto
  • Immigration Essays 
    • By: Sylbil Baker
  • Undocumented: How Immigration became Illegal
    • By: Aviva Chomsky
Though my knowledge of marginalized communities will constantly be growing until the day I die these books will serve as my jumping off point for my study in comprehension and compassion towards those who have been oppressed. I will keep a list on Goodreads for the diverse books that I want to read in the future and which I want to purchase for giveaways and fun projects. Please let me know any recommendations that you have for diverse books, I will continue this project and review hopefully one books a month in this category to help my growth and to push publishers to publish more diverse literature!

Happy Reading!
Remember to never settle for less than accurate, and open representations of every marginalized and diverse community. The world would not be the same without them.


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