2017 Goals

Bookish Goals: 2017

Hello everyone! 

I am back today to tell you my lofty goals for the oncoming year for this blog, and my reading life. I cannot believe that another year has come and gone again, I am astounded by the atrocities that have occurred this year in the world and I am happy to be moving past this dismal year. In 2017 there are many things that I would like to do personally, and a few broad stroke ideas that I will be implementing here on the blog and in my reading life. I do not want to set too high of goals and fail at completing any, which I might add is how this goal setting fiasco has gone for the past few years. 

Blogging Goals:
  • Continuing to post three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • I have a lot to say about the bookish world as you all will know by now, therefore giving you all posts three times a week as usual will not be an issue for me to continue.
  • More in depth reviews.
    • This past year I posted a review for Man Up: Surviving Modern Masculinity by Jack Urwin, and in that review I poured my heart and soul into which is seldom something that happens when I write reviews. I would like to create reviews with the same kind of fervor and emotion as I conveyed in that one in each and every review that goes live in 2017!
    • Man Up Review
  • Giveaways every other month!
    • This is something that I feel strongly about allowing everyone the opportunity to read and enjoy books. So for the next year there will be giveaways every other month to encourage people to read, these giveaways will be for books I have read and loved in the past as well as new releases and I will ship the book internationally. More details to come in February when the first giveaway will go live!
Reading Goals: 
  • Use the Library
    • I would like to make use of the huge library that is by my university in New York where I can request new releases to try them out before I purchase them with my own money to put on my shelves. This will also force me to read faster as there will always be a deadline behind me. I would also like to use the library system to branch out and try new authors assuming that they carry them in the catalog. 
  • Read one Classic a month
    • This I would like to do as a challenge for myself to push myself to read the cannon works that I will not be able to read at university because my course of study does not allow. I am going to attempt to stick with the reading list that I made a few months ago for what I read while at University for the spring semester: 2017 Classics Challenge
  • Read more Science Fiction
    • Enough said here, I do not read nearly enough Sci-fi as I love it so much and I am going to make a conscious effort to read more in 2017.
  • Read #OwnVoices books
    • I would like to read a more diverse selection of authors in the coming year and in doing so I want to make sure that atleast some of the books are written by those who are being represented in the novels. 
  • Spend less on Books
    • Books, yes they are a great hobby to have both to read them and collect them. However I have noticed that as of late I have spent a TON of money on books that still sit on my shelves unread even six months after buying them, this was not a problem for me last year, however I need to begin saving more and really investing small amounts into books that I am passionate about reading immediately.
  • Read the entirety of the Harry Potter series by: JK Rowling
    • I know I know, I have not completed this series yet. One series at a time; I am going to finish the Lord of the Rings by: JRR Tolkien and then I will move backwards into this series and work my way through completion. 
These are my goals to complete in 2017, there are quite a few of them I know but they are all simple. I will report monthly how much I spent on books, and what has come from the library or my shelves and current collection so I can be accountable in these goals. I also am aiming to start the Harry Potter books in early January before heading back to school so that I only need to bring the later books in the series, however that means I need to complete The Lord of The Rings very soon! 

Happy Reading!
I am off to read the last 300 pages of The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien today, check in on Wednesday to see a new post by me! And tune in Friday for the Best Books I have read this year!


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