Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Everyone, 

I am putting together my bookish gift guide for this holiday season today! I know that I have this going live later than expected for this season, however it took me so long to compile the list of my favorite items for the year. I have put together this list of items that I love the sound of and will be giving this year to friends and family members, though if I am completely honest I will end up buying myself some of these gifts... 

I am compiling a book gift guide that will go live on Friday where I recommend my books that I would give most readily this year. Here I am putting all of my bookish trinkets together, and I have grouped them together in a way that they fit with a fandom if I have more than one item for each. 

Lord of the Rings: 
TheColorfulCatStudio Rivendell 
FinePenArt Bookmark
VikitoGifts Bookmark (set 4)
ATouchOfEpic Bookmark

Harry Potter:
HolgaArt Bookmark
Oksis Bookmark
ThatBookieBookmarks Bookmark
NerdyGirlDesigns Bookmark
SamSkyla Bookmark

IceyDesigns Harry Potter Pencils
VividDelights Lantern
BoosTinyBits Hous Mugs
VintageSignDesigns Bookends
MilesToGoClothing Hedwig Journal

General Bookish Items: 
  • Journals
  • Pens
    • Gel pens 
    • Feather pens
  • Candles 
  • Tea
    • Harney & Sons 
      • This is a great tea company which I will link bellow, my favorite one is the Titanic black tea.
  • Blankets
    • These can be anything that is warm and comfortable to stay wrapped in when you are reading on a cold winter night.
Shops to Check Out: 
I want to take a second and clarify that I was not sponsored by any of these shops,  or their owners. I genuinely love the look of these items and would personally be delighted to receive any of these under the tree this year! 

Another message that I hope all of my readers understand is that the holidays are not solely based on the gifts that you receive and what you give to others; it is about friends and family. This is something that I am sometimes guilty of forgetting because I get drawn into the fun of buying and giving gifts, and this year I want us all to know small things in life such as friendship mean the most. With a cup of tea or cocoa and an hours chat with one of these small gifts could be the best gift that anyone will receive; let me know if you found this helpful or would give these gifts. 

Happy Reading!

Check in Friday to see the books that I recommend as gifts this year, some that I have read and some that I have seen highly praised...


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