Gift Guide Part 2 (2016)

Book Gift Guide:

Hello readers! 

As many of you know this is the last week before the holidays start to roll into full swing, so I am bringing you this very last minute bookish gift guide today to recommend books to you or those who you still need to get gifts for. I have a wide selection in this line up and I will link the BookDepository link with each, however know that for most contries this will arrive after Christmas, therefor you should check any local bookshops first.

I have read a wide array of books this year, though this list will encompass books that I have read in the past as well as ones that I have recently completed. I hope I have found something on here for everyone, if not you can leave a comment down bellow and I will get a recommendation to you by no later than Friday December 23rd. 

The Books!

  • Man Up: Surviving Modern Masculinity 
    • By: Jack Urwin
    • This book is one that I think can be gifted to anyone, as the messages within its binding are harrowingly simple and ever so necessary in this modern society. I would love to ship out a copy of this book to everyone in the world, alas money is very limiting. This book explores the toxic side of masculinity and how we as a society and individuals can combat this dangerous level of overcompensation and emotional repression, Urwin also has a winning sense of humor that will make any person laugh!
    • Man Up BookDepository page
    • Man Up Review
  • Swamplandia 
    • By: Karen Russell
    • This book still has me thinking about what was written within its pages even months after completing the book. This book follows two girls, Ossie and Ava and their Bigtree family's alligator theme park in Florida's Everglade swamp as they try to save it from foreclosure and deal with everyday stresses. I know in summary this book does not sound impressive, however through the writing and magical realism this book will blow you away! Russell has a way of writing that is wholly immersive and will not release you until you are complete, however I do not know if I will every be over this wonderful book! This book is for lovers of the swamp, character studies, and magical realism.
    • Swamplandia BookDepository page
    • Swamplandia Review
  • Ghost Talkers 
    • By: Mary Robinnette Kowal 
    • This book blew me away with the rich and deeply imaginative writing about Ginger's role within the war efforts as a medium. This book has countless amazing characters that will have you believing in love at first sight, you will never forget these wonderful characters once you have read this book. I love how slow moving Kowal's writing style is because it allows the reader to slow down and focus solely on the story at hand in all of its intricacies.
    • Ghost Talkers Review
    • Ghost Talkers BookDepository page
  • 1984
    • By: George Orwell 
    • This book is a classic that I read in highschool and absolutely fell in love with! I also think that this book is crucial for us to realize the peril we could be in in our modern age, with the recent election, and turmoil across the globe this book shows warnings and the dangers of this path we are on. Just give this book to everyone, it is truly a joy to read!
    • 1984 BookDepository page
  • Infomocracy 
    • By: Malka Older 
    • This book is another fictional political based book that shows us the dangers of fragmentation between parties and the issues that can ensue. I know for many that this will hit a little too close to home after recent events, however it is a fun and thought provoking read. This would make a great pair gift with 1984 too!
    • Infomocracy BookDepository page
  • The Power of One
    • By: Bryce Courtenay 
    • This book is one of my all time favorite novels! This book follows a young boy who barely escapes the Boer wars and is working his way up the ranks to become a prize winning boxer, however this book is expansive and a heart wrenching story of determination and love. This book is a powerful read that I would like everyone to read, however I would like you to know that there is strong imagery within this book of bullying and racism along with some foul language. Everything about this book makes me smile and jump for joy with its loving and kind message that shows the reader that we can survive even through the darkest times! 
    • The Power of One BookDepository page
  • Mistborn (The Final Empire) 
    • By: Brandon Sanderson
    • This is my all time favorite fantasy series! I love the sass and courage shown in Vin the protagonist, the magic system will have you questioning the powers that lay within each and every metal object you own as well. The characters within this book feel real and will quickly develop into your friends and partners in crime as they romp through Luthadel trying to save the city from imminent Peril! This is a very accessible fantasy novel even though it is so long, the writing is easy, the world is detailed and fleshed out completely leaving almost nothing unexplained; overall this is a fun fantastical romp!
    • The Final Empire BookDepository page
I hope this list has helped you to discover some bookish gifts, or even some books to purchase after the holiday season, all of these books are some awesome books for all to read!

Happy Reading!
I hope you all have a great holiday season and are able to read many amazing books in the coming days!


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