Friday Reads 12-9-16

Friday Reads! 

Hello everyone!

For those of you who are new here to MyBookishEmpire, welcome to the family. I do these videos occasionally as an informational type post to let you all know what I will be reading through the weekend and possibly into next week. This is usually a short segment so you can expect another post later on tonight with some more substance... Without further ado lets talk about the books that I will be reading this weekend.

I am focusing on one book this weekend and throughout the next week. I normally am reading multiple books at one time, however this upcoming week is final exams for my University semester therefor I must study and focus on them more than reading. I am going to pick up my reading pace after December 16th at which time I will be racing through my TBR to complete it throughout the rest of the month. As to what I am reading this weekend and next week: 
  1. The Fellowship of The Ring 
    1. By: JRR Tolkein 
      1. I am reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy this month for the first time, and as this is the first book it is only logical that I begin here. I am currently on page 54, at the end of the week I would like to complete this book which is a total of 458. In order to do this I will need to read 57 pages per day. This amount of reading may prove to be difficult with studying but I am up for a good challenge, I will use the Audiobook and speed it up in order to shorten the amount of time it takes. 
This is a series that I have long since wanted to read as it is so many people's favorite series and it has shaped the genre of fantasy for many years since. I must admit Tolkien has a way of writing that is both enthralling and entirely slow moving. This slow pacing is something that would be perfect to sit back and take in under the warmth of a glowing fire on a cold winter's night; though I guess for my sake I will read it by lamp light wrapped in my fleece blanket in the comfort of my dorm room. Anyway I should stop rambling her so that I can get back to the story and charge forth to read the rest of this book in one week's time!

Happy Reading!


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