End of the Year plans

End of 2016 Plans: 

Hello everyone! 

I know you are seeing this post very late on Wednesday, however today I decide to focus on the reading of books solely. I have finished The Two Towers today because of the time and dedication that I gave to it! I am going to review that book in the new year along with many others, however for the rest of the year I have some quite loft plans!

Tomorrow I am going to be stopping into my favorite bookshop, Bear Pond Books, to swap books for store credit! After doing this I may browse and pick up some books while I am there, or just peruse the shop and hide bookmarks for my blog in the SFF section! Either way I will get to see my place of respite, this bookstore holds so many memories for me which makes this trip even more fun. After going to the bookshop I am intending to stop and rent some more movies, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King as these will be my end of the year watches. I will also peruse the old Science Fiction section and check out any that catch my fancy to watch on New Years Eve, leave suggestions in the comments section please. 
Christmas Wishes from MyBookishEmpire to you!

After stopping and running errands I intend to drop by my local library for a browse. This should not take too long as I do not need any more books to read though I always love perusing the new and obscure books. I may also swing into a local market to pick up some apple cider for a weekend or rest and relaxation, but only time will tell! 

I intend to come home tomorrow evening and dive headlong into the movie of The Two Towers and after I finish that I will launch into the last book of the trilogy (The Return of the King). This is something that I want to complete before the year is done! I will read as fast as possible to get this book done, while still enjoying the slow and meandering plot; though this last book is going to be nothing short of an explosive ride from Tolkien! Aside from completing The Lord of the Rings trilogy I may dip into some graphic novels to boost my Goodreads goal to completion as I am so very close. This will depend on how quickly I read the third Lord of the Rings book, but I am hoping to read Saga volume 6, Rat Queens volume 3, and Descender volume 2, and or The Wicked and the Divine volume 3. 

On New Year's Eve you can expect to hear from me with my January TBR! I will be planning this year in advance in order to complete my goals, and bring you all the most content and joy! Though you may find my TBR of January to be rather dry and predictable I am going to be making a wild shot to complete a long overdue series for me! 

I sincerely hope you have all had an amazing holiday season and go into the New Year with a light and open heart to embrace the future and all that it has in store. Without getting sappy I wish you all the best in the New Year, and I hope to see you here on the page in the New Year following all of my bookish antics! 

Happy Reading!
I am going to be coming back to you all on Friday with my favorite books of 2016! Check in then to see what I saw as the BEST that 2016 had to offer!


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