We Were The Mulvaneys Photoshoot


I went to a near by farm and took photos to connect and comprehend the best book I have ever read this far in the year, We Were The Mulvaneys by: Joyce Carol Oates. This book is set on High Point farm in Mt.Ephraim NY and I could only envision this farm while reading the book, so I went and took some photos to show you guys my rendition of High Point Farm! I hope you all enjoy, I am sorry that this post is late, I tried to have it live on Friday; however when I took the photos my four wheeler got stuck and I had to tow it home which took over two hours to complete.

I am sorry for the delayed post time today, but I had quite the eventful evening las night trying to capture these photos. I hope you have enjoyed the snip it into Vermont living and the Mulvaney family that I have come to know and love! I really hope you all pick up this novel and give this amazing author a shot, you will not be disappointed. 

Happy Reading!
I hope you are all reading some amazing books this weekend and enjoy the nice summer weather that has finally come around :)


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