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Book Snobbery Discussion...

I have recently become aware of a topic that has angered me to no end, and that is book snobs. This is something that is often seen when people judge you for what you are reading, either the genre or the cove ect... This is not okay on any level to me, however I can see both sides of the argument in this case. My opinions on the controversial topic of book snobbery are as follows: 

  • I am going to say right now that the major issues seen in this debate are between Literary fiction and genre fiction. 
    • Literary fiction to me is a story that is being told with slightly elevated language and a more character driven plot, if we are being simplistic. 
    • Genre Fiction can be anything from Fantasy to Contemporary fiction, and this is fiction that has a more plot driven story with a simplistic style and less character focus and inner monolog. 
      • These are my very boiled down thoughts on the terminology of Literary fiction and Genre fiction, and they are by no means hard and fast definitions of the works they represents.
The controversy that surrounds this is that people (avid readers, and casual readers) can claim that one "type" is better than the other or that one is more "proper" than the rest of them, which is not the case at all. However I have seen this case made many times with those snobs in libraries who will judge you for checking out YA if you look over fifteen, or those who will judge the erotica reader on a train near them. We all have seen it regardless, and some of us are even guilty of thinking it too. I know that when I first began to read I would judge people who read fantasy because they always seemed to have their heads in magic or the fictional which I knew would never exist, and look at me now a Fantasy book reviewer with many great friends who love the genre too! I really do not know how to put it any other way than we all need to be open to what people read, it does not matter what you read as long as you are reading you can call yourself a reader.

  • There are often times a debate on if you read audiobooks solely or print books, which ones are the real readers?
    • In short there is no REAL reader, only those who enjoy stories in whatever format you enjoy them in. I do not think that you can be put down based on how you enjoy your stories, it is just a preference that we all have and nothing that we should be ashamed of. 
 Concluding Statement: We are who we are, don't let anyone tell you that it is wrong to be you! 

I realize that this is a very short post, but I would really like all of my readers opinions about this. So please anyone who reads this post what your thoughts are on book snobery and how you view the genre split, let me know in the comments of this post. 

The podcast that sparked this topic: Books on the Nightstand ep. 374

Happy Reading! 
Check in on Friday for a fun review of Infomacracy by: Malka Older!


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