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Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would do an update post for the blog, since I have a few exciting announcements to speak of and some posts to notify you all about that will be live in the near future! I am first of all going to say that today is my birthday, I will be nineteen years old today which is mind boggling to me every single time someone tells me. I am not expecting to receive any books for my birthday, however I did recently make a purchase on AbeBooks.com and those books will be trickling in over the next week. After having the existential crisis this week that I will be nineteen years old, I also had an incredibly exciting email come through from Liveright Publishing; the amazing people there have agreed to send me a copy of Jerusalem by: Alan Moore (an ARC) for me to review for you all! I am beyond excited to receive this tome in the mail and dive in after I read some of Moore's earlier works; though this books I guess you could say is the best present of all!

In announcement news, I have recently began the Booktube Journey with the help of my friend Kailtin from Kitty G on YouTube. I have created a youtube channel where I will be posting some reviews, hauls, wrap up videos, and many more discussion videos; be aware the first few videos are not going to be as eloquent as these posts because they are recorded off the cuff. I hope that many of  you will join me on this journey and check out my Booktube channel and the first ever video that I will post today as well. Though I may be embarking on a new journey with a Booktube channel on Youtube I WILL STILL BE POSTING REGULARLY ON THIS BLOG AS MY MAIN MEDIUM so please do not just leave the blog to die, videos will be posted every Sunday for the foreseeable future. 

In addition to the Booktube Channel, and turning nineteen in the same week, I am also going to be starting my Tour Vermont Bookshops Segments on the blog very soon! My girlfriend and I love books and used books especially, so we have decided to go around to bookshops in out homestate of Vermont this summer and take photos and video clips along the way to show you guys just a little of what it is like to shop for books in VT! This segment will not begin until the end of June, and it will only run until the 30th of August when sadly we both must go back to school. Some of the other new posts to check the blog for include: 
  • Infomacracy Review
    • This will be up tonight by 9PM EST!
  • How do I rate books post
  • Book and Cake tag
  • Hamilton book tag/ Read-a-long!
  • Books vs. Movies discussion
  • Book Photoshoots!
  • Book Wishlist
    • I will be creating my fall 2016 Wishlist here in picture format for you all to enjoy.
I hope you are all as excited about this new adventure on YouTube as I am; however I do want to emphasis this strongly, I will be primarily creating content on here with weekly supplements on the Youtube channel. I will never abandon this blog, that being said I would love for you guys to check out the channel and my first video and just come on over and say hello! I cannot wait to see what the blog grows into, as well as the YouTube Channel. 

Youtube Name: MyBookishEmpire
First Video:
Twitter: Tweet Me!

Happy Reading Guys!
Be sure to check in later tonight for the Review of Infomacracy, which is a Science fiction/ political thriller that was released by Tor on Tuesday June 7th 2016!


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