Monday Madness!

Monday Madness!
A crazy week in books...

I have been posting these periodically throughout the last few months to allow you guys to know how my thoughts work when I choose what I am going to be reading for the up coming work. I am going to work through hopefully two or three books this week if I have the gumption to read that much on top of working eight hour days at the convenience store where I am for summer work when I am home from University. I am going to be focussing on some fun books this week because one of the books that I just tried to begin put me in such a slump today, Sunday the 26th of June. 

The book that put me in such a slump was The Voice of Fire By: Alan Moore: 
  • This book is very dense and confusingly written in the first section. This first section is written in a caveman's jumbled and very broken English, this is what has been driving me crazy! It took me about three hours to read the thirty pages that I have completed in this novel. I am going to have to wait on this book and try it again this weekend to push through this very slow and confusing section of the novel. I am determined to read this before I move on to Jerusalem which I have received to review for you guys!

The books to read this week: 
  • Hex By: Thomas Olde Heuvelt
    • I have purchased this book on Kindle today (Sunday) to read very quickly because I just found out that he will be coming to my state, and I WILL be going to see him. I have an opportunity to interview him after the signing, which I will hopefully vlog the experience of. I really have to get this done this week! I think I will be able to complete this book in this time because it is very fast paced and intriguing thus far.
  • Assasins Apprentice By: Robin Hobb 
    • This book I have been attempting to read for some time and keep getting distracted from it each week. I am really going to get this done, I enjoy it as far as I am in it but it is very dense old style fantasy that I have not quite been in the mood to read until this point! 

Happy Reading!
What are you planning to read this week? 

I hope to have some new videos live on the YouTube Channel this week, possibly a review of We Were The Mulvaneys By: Joyce Carol Oates and maybe if I am on top of it, Hex! 

New Book Haul!


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