Separating Authors & Their Works:

This is a topic that I have been thinking about for quite some time now, and I have been spurred on to create this book because of a specific book series. That series/authors that sparked this thought of mine was, Orson Scott Card and one of the artists on the Rat Queens graphic novel series. Orson Scott Card wrote some awesome sounding books with very cool science fiction plots, however he himself has been involved in some very shady things. One of the creators of Rat Queens was tried in court for domestic violence crimes, though I do love his artwork and the storyline of his graphic novel series, I am conflicted on what to do. My question is to support him by reading his books or to just forget about them because he was involved in some schemey happenings? 

The Dilemma: Do you/ Can you  dismiss an authors poor life choices and bad morals to read/ purchase their books and support them as an artist?

Reasons to read the books: 
  • Orson Scott Cards books sound amazing and fun.
    • I could buy them second hand so the author is not benefitting from my purchase directly, however even that does not seem right. 
    • I can use my library system to read these, but the issue I am having is whether or not I can separate my thoughts on the awful things that the author did and their works
  • Rat Queens is harder to justify. 
    • My local library will not have them and I am not going to be able to find them second hand for a while as the new volumes come out. 
    • I really disagree with what one of the creators did in their personal life, but this series is funny and witty and everything that I want in a graphic novel series.
    • This will require more research for me to decide what to do as far as supporting him and the team of Rat Queens.
Let me know how you all feel about this topic, I as you can see am having quite the hard time
justifying the purchase of these two authors books because I know the money will be supporting the authors who's decisions I do not condone. There are many more authors that I have issues with that I have stayed away from their books, however I think that if a book is good and worth the read we as a reading community should find a way to read it and accept the work and separate the authors from it. I personally would like to do this but it will take me sometime to even get close to reading Orson Scott Card's books. 

Happy Reading!
Hopefully Friday I will have a review for you all to read :) 
Let me know down bellow what your thoughts are on the topic of separating the author and their works?


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