Fictional Bucket List

Fictional Bucket List
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This is just going to be a simple list of the books and things that I want to do in the literary world before I die. I know it is a cheery topic, however I thought you all would like to see what things I want to accomplish before I am no longer able to read.

The List: 
  • Read Les Miserables
    • See Les Miserables on Broadway/ Live
  • Finish Crime and Punishment
  • Read the Malazan Book of the Fallen series By: Steven Erikson
  • Re-read my favorites
    • Mistborn Trilogy By: Brandon Sanderson
    • Swamplandia By: Karen Russell
    • The Wolf Gift By: Ann Rice
    • The Picture of Dorian Grey By: Oscar Wilde
    • Etc...
  • Visit Foyles in London
  • Visit my bookish friends in Europe
  • Read and enjoy more classical literature 
  • Read The Wheel of Time series By: Robert Jordan
  • Read and watch Jane Austin's books and adaptations.
  • Travel across the country and explore bookshops as I go.

This is a very small snip it into my list, I have much more that I would like to do however I am scared to list them all here because I am unsure if they will all happen. I am really hoping to pick off some of these in the next few years, so keep an eye out on the blog for reviews and post updates!

On Booktube News: 
I have posted my second video, The Booktube Newbie Tag! I would love for you all to go on over and watch that and chat with me about books on this new journey of mine, I am going to keep this as my main medium, however Booktube is going to be a fun adventure. 

Happy Reading!
Until Wednesday, keep reading and check in often to see what amazing ideas I have coming for the blog>


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