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The Unread Books Tag!

Everyone knows a well read person, or book lover in general loves the act of collecting books as much as we love reading them. Today I have decided to go through the Unread Books Tag and let you know just how much I love collecting books as well as reading them! 

You should know:
  • I love buying books as a relaxation tool. Browsing bookshops is always calming. 
  • I love finding the most beautiful editions of books even if I have a perfectly fine reading copy. 
  • I will always be buying books that I am excited about when I see them, regardless of having so many more to read already. 
  • I am unashamedly a book collector and lover!
The Questions: 
  1. How many read and unread books do you have?
    1. Read: 121 (roughly) 
    2. Unread: 200+ (Rough estimate again) 
    3. I have been meaning to do a recataloging of my library one of these rainy days that we have I will do that and update this post.
  2. Which book has been on your shelf the longest?
    1. Anansi Boys By: Neil Gaiman
      1. I do not know why this one is still unread and on my shelf, I have had it for atleast 3 years and never picked it up. I loved The Graveyard Book that Gaiman wrote and I picked this one to read after; however I then found out that I need to read American Gods first and I just have not yet picked that one up to read. 
  3. Number one book on your TBR that you want to read, but have not gotten to yet?
    1. The Wiseman's Fear By: Patrick Rothfuss. I loved The Name of the Wind which was book one, but these books intimidate me and make me not want to read them every single time I see their size! I love the in depth character development that happens in long books, however due to my slow reading speed I am leary of reading the longer books which I know will take me quite some time to complete. 
  4. A book that you want to read more than anything but do not own yet? 
    1. Nevernight By: Jay Kristoff. This book comes out later this fall so of course I do not own it, but it is very very very high up on my to buy list!
  5. A book you do not remember buying and have not read yet?
    1. There are not any books that I do not remember buying, however I am very sad at how many books I have on my shelf that have been sitting around for years to be read and appretiated. 
  6. A book you do not think you will read but have not gotten rid of yet? 
    1. I actually just did an UNHAUL at a local bookstore not even 20 minutes ago and got rid of Grasshopper Jungle By: Andrew Smith. I think I may find this book to be fun and enjoyable, however if it is just fun and nothing memorable I do not want to waste time on it. 
  7. A book you feel guilty for not having read yet? 
    1. The 4-7 Harry Potter books By: JK Rowling. Just let that sink in that I have not completed my generations most iconic book series of all time. I know I know, do not kill me or spoil me! I will be reading them eventually I do promise you guys that!
  8. A book series that you have heard about non-stop but have no interest in reading? 
    1. Outlander By: Dianna Gabaldon. This series seems very long and too romance heavy for me to ever fall in love with enough to complete. 
I Tag!
  • Steve Donoghue (Youtube) 
  • Kaitlin (Kitty G on YouTube)
  • Rachael (Kalanadi on YouTube)
  • Thomas (SFF180 on YouTube)
The Original Creator of the tag was Dani of YABookaholic! 

Thank you all for reading! I will have a review of Hex By: Thomas Olde Heuvelt up and live for Friday morning at 8am, so stay tuned! Check out the Youtube Channel I have created if you want some bonus content! 

Happy Reading! 


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