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New Authors I am Adoring!

I have been reading for many years, however it has been a very long time since I have randomly picked up some new authors to try their works and see if I enjoy them; however I have done this recently and found it very enjoyable! I loved to read authors I did not know when I was in grade school, however as I have become a more refined and picky reader I have sadly limited my reading much more. I would like to introduce you all to some of my current favorite authors! I hope to hear your thoughts on these people, in the future I hope to free up some time to explore new to me authors!

This is a post that was voted on by some people on Twitter (my page is @Komondor70). I wanted to speak of the recent gems I have found in my travels on the shelf. I have discovered three in general that I would love to see more from in the future, though not all of their books have received five star reviews from me. Many of these are general/literary fiction authors who I never thought I would enjoy, you all need to at least try something from these authors!

Malka Older: 
Malka recently released her first fiction book called Infomocracy which I reviewed for the publisher. This books is a futuristic novel about a world with hundreds of individual forms of governments fighting to win the leading position. This book does have its flaws with pacing, and character Infomocracy series next year, Null States which I am intrigued to read when it is released. Malka is a rising epic thrill writer who the SF community is lucky to have for many years to come! 
building; however after the books concluding line I am eager to see what she has coming up next. The book is a very fast paced and entertaining book that I think many people will enjoy. Malka has a was with thoughtful world building with heavy detail given, that allows the reader to become engrossed in the story. She is scheduled to release book two of the
  • People will enjoy Malka's new book Infomocracy if they enjoy Tom Clancy, John Grisham, and other government thrill writers. 
  • Though I gave her book 3 stars I see some promise for future novels, now that she has her footing. 
  • Infomocracy Review

Elena Ferrante: 
This author wrote the Neapolitan Novels series, beginning with My Brilliant Friend which I recently read and absolutely loved! Elena Ferrante is a pseudoname of an Italian author that has recently been translated by the Europa Editions publishing group. Why I love her writing/style is the in depth characters that she writes so eloquently and detailed scenes for, allowing the reader to become attached to each and every one even if they are meant to be horrific people. It is because of her book, My Brilliant Friend, that I realized how much I really love and need great character development for a book to make an impact on me. She has a very rich style of writing that cannot be sped through, it has a very slow and meandering pace that if meant to be enjoyed. All of these traits have made me fall in love with her writing and books, I cannot wait to read more of her books.
  • I love the characters that are created through her slow and rich prose.
  • Read her books when you want a slow and enveloping read that will transport you to a small town in Naples Italy!
  • My Brilliant Friend Review

Joyce Carol Oates:
While I have not yet completed a full novel by this author, I am entranced and cannot stop thinking about her works and incredible life story! Joyce has a rich and beautiful way of writing prose that
captures an emotion that many cannot even express in words. Her plot is meandering and slow, however her setting is very believable and realistic. The book that I am reading right now that has made me fall in love with her is We Were The Mulvaneys this story is a very unique book about the destruction of a family in rural New York state, there are many things I love about it: 
  • The characters are very relatable! (Patrick is very much like myself) 
  • The atmosphere of a small town that Joyce captures is incredible!
  • This book will have a very special place in my heart for a long time!
    • Check back soon around next Wednesday to hear more about this book and author!
This author was recommended to me by a fellow blogger Lonesome Reader, and I finally found a book of hers cheaply enough to try it; Eric (Lonesome Reader) was most certainly right about her merit as a writer! 
Thank You Eric!!!!

Happy Reading!
 Have you read these authors, if so what did you think of them? 
Keep reading and exploring the shelves to find your next favorite authors, as I have been fortunate enough to have done here with all of these wonderful women. 


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