Week In Review

Weekly Review 
This may not be completely bookish but I thought I could put out there so you guys know what a typical week in chaos with me is like. If you guys like these comment saying so and I will continue them each week!

Because of this crazieness at University I was unable to read much:
  • One Chemistry 2 exam 
  • Homework loads that could physically bury me 
  • A few minor mind melt downs about life, and the work load I have.
Some Things I am gonna catch up on this weekend:
  • Reading,
    • I will mainly be reading Shadows of Self By: Sanderson in hopes to finish is and get the review up for monday.
    • Start Ulysses By: James Joyce or Peter Pan 
  • Watch Reign! 
  • Watch Flash!
  • Catch up on around 250 youtube videos I have on my watch later :)
All in all this weekend is a chill weekend with plenty of reading and nerdy things happening all around. 

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Happy Reading!
Check back Monday for a review of Shadows of Self


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