Valentines Day (Love it or Leave it...)

Love it, Or Leave it... 
Tag (original)

This is a very relaxed tag I have created for the Valentines day holiday!

  • What is your favorite OTP (one true pairing)?
    • Lady Vin and Elend Venture 
    • I love these two on so many levels! they have the most sass and witty banter that I have seen in a long time. I love these guys more than anyone can know :)
  • What world would you like to spend Valentines day in?
    • Prague: The Daughter of Smoke and Bone 
      • By: Lainy Taylor
    • This setting of Prague would give an entirely new perspective to me and my girlfriend.  would love to walk the streets and see the street performers and the wonderful street vendors, as well as the incredible architecture!
  • Who is your fictional Best friend? 
    • Eona 
    • Eona By: Alison Goodman 
    • She is sassy, and badass with a great sense of humor. She is unique and willing to challenge any status quo that she does not believe in.
  • What book would you like to be able to read with your significant other?
    • The Power of One 
      • By: Bryce Courtenay 
    • I would love to re-read this book with my girlfriend and share all f the wonderful moments of young Peekay learning the ropes of life. I loved this novel so  much, it houses some amazing lessons with a great cast of characters. This book would give us a great conversation and decent amount of time together because it is so long.
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