February TBR

February TBR
This may be a touch ambitious, however I am very much in the reading mood and would like to tackle a lot of books this month.

The Book Line Up:

  • The Alloy of Law
    • By: Brandon Sanderson 
    • Page count: 332
  • The Book of Strange New Things
    • By: Michel Faber
    • Page Count: 584
  • Theft of Swords
    • By: Michael J Sullivan
    • Page Count: 649
  • The Traitor Baru Cormorant
    • By: Seth Dickinson
    • Page Count: 399
Average Daily Page Count: 93 

I know myself enough to know that this is very unreasonable but I am going to try and hope that they are going to take me a lot less time to read than past books... Shoot for the stars right...

What are you all reading this month? 
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  1. Let me just say everyone, that Sanderson has taken over my life. I am reading Shadows of Self right now and intend to move straight into Bands of Mourning.


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