Shadows of Self Review

Shadows of Self
By: Brandon Sanderson
Rating: 5/5 stars

Plot:This book follows a few months after the ending of The Alloy of Law. We still see the world from the view of Wax Landrian and the rest of the characters, as they try to save the city from a greater evil than humanity has ever seen. I cannot say much more for the plot without major spoilers, but just know this book does more than continuing the story. This book ties everything together from all previous Mistborn books!


  • I cannot talk too much on the topic of characters because some of my favorites from this book will be spoilers, however they all have Sanderson's witt and quirk to them. I love it!
  • I liked seeing in this book how the characters grew into their full potential and took on the city of Elendel the way they saw fit. These characters have been growing on me although I am not thinking that they will ever mean as much as the original Mistborn characters do...
  • The intertwining characters from the original trilogy and this one made the book even more enjoyable, seeing some of the old "gang" just had me laughing and struggling to contain my glee!

  • "'Has anyone ever told you that you're surprisingly wise?' Melaan asked, 'All the bloody time,' 'They're idiots. You're not wise, you're playing them. You're doing this on purpose.' She grinned. 'I love it.'(Sanderson Chapter 19)."
  • This is a little section of the banter that went on between Wayne and the Mistborn crossover character Melaan, I love the witt and sarcasm laced through this book!
  • This book makes Alloy of Law look like child's play honestly this is what a great series is supposed to make the reader feel! 
    • Nostalgia 
    • Heart-wrenching Happiness!
    • Exhilaration 
    • Love for every second that they are able to read!
  • This is yet another, slightly better example of why I love Sanderson's style so much, he is master-full at interweaving old plot lines back to the forefront of a story. Pure Genius!
Rating: 5/5 Stars 

Just so you all remember this series must be read after the original Mistborn Trilogy! 

Happy reading Guys!


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