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I would first like to appologize for my seemingly rushed posts, I am in College as you all know, and I have had exams for the passed two weeks and still have one this upcoming week! I am going to be done on Wednesday. After this I will have very interactive posts and more time to devise creative ideas for the blog. I sincerely appretiate all of you have stuck with the blog through everything that has happened, be sure to check out my Alomantic Me post and enter the GIVEAWAY!

Currently Reading:
  • The Alloy of Law 
    • By: Brandon Sanderson
    • 23% done! I am hoping to finish this one this weekend and have a review ready for Monday!
  • The Red Knight
    • By: Miles Cameron
    • Page 35,  this book is very dense and rich so I am going to hold off until exams are done to continue on. I am aiming to complete it this month... :)


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