The Allomancer, Me!

The Allomancer, Me!

  • As you all know well I love the Mistborn series By: Brandon Sanderson! I am beginning the second series in that world and wanted to make an allomantic profile of myself if I could be in the world of Mistborn. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS SERIES YET IT IS A MUST! I will be hosting a readalong for them during the summer if you all wanna join!

My Abilities:
  • Mistborn: Meaning that I can control and use all of the allomantic metals out there.
    • The most exciting one I would love to use is steel and atium combined!
My Clothing:
  • I would model my clothing after the style of the time, I pictured late victorian era with a suit on and some a unique monocle. 
  • For evening wear I would dawn my jet black mistcloak and step out of the very stuffy and confining roles of being a gentleman of the time. 
My Stature: 
  • I am tall, around 5'10
  • Lanky or thin whichever you call it...
  • I do have glasses but those can be altered if I go into Mistborn
  • favorite color is green
  • A place I would love to see in Luthadel would be the city of a thousand spires (Lord Ruler's Castle)
My Friends:
  •  First in the Mistborn World I would seek out the dazzling Lady Vin and Elend and I would see where the rest of it took me. It would be an adventure that I would not forget anytime soon. 
I am going to make this into a Giveaway!


  • Follow me on Twitter @komondor70
  • Tweet at me to enter you
  • Comment here for me to enter you
    • Tell me one thing you want more of on the blog.
    • Or tell me your favorite thing about the blog...
  • Be sure wherever you enter to tell me it is for the giveaway...

Giveaway Winner: Will be chosen in exactly on March 7 2016! I will be choosing the best one and giving them...

Winner will recieve:
  • Mistborn UK Trilogy set
  • Mistborn UK Alloy of Law


  1. I'll enter, my mistborn books are old used copies that are badly beaten up I got second hand. I think something I'd like to see more of and something I enjoy the most is just you being yourself and communicating with your readers. The more genuine and sincere you are the better.

  2. I'll enter for the giveaway - those copies really are gorgeous (and Paul has to have some competition!) My favorite thing about the blog, and what I'd like to see more of, is getting to know you beyond just what you read. I love hearing about your school life and other hobbies, as well as seeing what you're reading and buying. I agree with Paul - the more sincerity behind things, the better they always are!


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