Come watch with Me!

Fantastic TV series:

This show is one of my favorite shows on Netflix and still airing on the CW! It is essentially the perfect fantasy novel rolled into a show with some epic actors and supporting scenery!

Plot:"Mary, Queen of Scots, faces political and sexual intrigue in the treacherous world of the French court."

What I love about the Show:
  1. The historical context of Mary Queen of Scots going to France to live, and rule with Francis.
  2. The setting of Tudor time period France
  3. The cast, they are all great actors and actresses 
    1. There are some wicked, and evil characters
    2. Some sweet and naive characters
    3. And some low class nobles to fill the ranks at French court.
  4. The plot is always thrilling and intriguing for every las minute of the show.

Things I dislike about the show:
  1. They are only 40 minutes each episode
  2. They always end on an amazing cliff hanger 
  3. The third season is  not on Netflix yet :(
If you guys are ever in need for an amazing TV show I am recommending this one! It rivals Arrow right now for my favorite TV show of all time.

Currently Reading:
My weekend plans were a bust, I read maybe a chapter of Shadows of self and nothing of Traitor Baru :( I knew this weekend was going to be full of work for University but it took over my life way more than I had anticipated, hopefully by Friday a review of Shadows of Self will be up.


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