Short Story time!

Short, Short Story

Lamb To Slaughter
By: Roald Dahl
page length:12 

  • Revenge
  • Murder 
  • Food
  • The characterisation while in this story was fine, it was not great; however as a short story they had me intrigued.
  • Lack of emotions felt towards the characters however they were good examples of why not to trust the quiet and civilized humans.
  • This was a fun short story, I may read it in the future although sadly it is not sold separately from the anthology called Skin anywhere.
  • The story was a witty and gruesome tale from an author I expected none of that from! 
Rating: 3 stars

Rip Van Winkle
By: Washington Irving
Page Count: 31

  • Magical realism
  • Dutchmen 
  • Relatable themes
    • Time 
    • Change 
    • Outcasts
  • I found these characters to be brutally truthful and fitting of the tone that Irving was hitting at about the way the way the world changes.
  • Rip:
    • Naive 
    • Blissful 
    • Caring for everyone involved in his life
    • Loyal
  • This story borders along the fantastical while still enveloping the social commentary and satire I like so much with Classical literature.
  • This would be best listened to as an audible audiobook, because the period English really was bothering me 
Rating: 5 stars 


  1. Roald Dahl has written a lot of dark stuff, from cannibalism, to taxidermist serial killer, to achieving immortality as a brain in a jar. He is best known for his children's stories, but he definitely had a dark side.


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