First Impressions of MTV Shannara Chronicles


  1. Does not really follow the book in any way except using the same names.
  2. Gives a spin on some backstory that readers are left guessing at...
  3. Show jumps around a lot, with some weird CGI moments
Show in General:
  • The characters are cast very well, just as they are in the book!
  • The setting of New Zealand pushes the fantastical elements over the top.
  • Costumes, are epic! I want to be Alanon for Halloween just so I can find clothing to match his character...
  • The Elfstones of Shannara is where I am at now/ started
  • I am enjoying it a lot! The world is vast and the races are fascinating...
  • I am really bummed that the books each follow different characters...
  • I should be finishing this within the week!
  • Book is good or better and the show is okay or mediocre 

More Updates to come tomorrow when I see episode 2-3 and read more of the book. 


  1. Looks cool! Do you have any pictures of the costume you're talking about?


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