Kindle PaperWhite Review

Kindle PaperWhite

This review is in part because of the onslaught of books that I keep attaining and in part to illustrate how useful an ereader can be. I personally love physical books, however I have been buying quite a few in the past months so I have become more focussed on using my Kindle to cut down on the physical mass of my TBR pile. 

How I use my Kindle:
  1. If I am traveling...
  2. When I go home for college breaks it is easier to bring that aside from a bunch of books, although I do bring home books as well.
  3. When I want to find books cheaper on kindle I usually get them there as well

Why PaperWhite:
  1. The backlight is a savior!
    1. It is not like an LCD screen so it gives a soft light that does not hurt your eyes.
    2. You can essentially have thousands of books on there
    3. There is some very very basic web browsing capabilities
  2. It is small enough to fit almost anywhere
  3. Light enough you could forget you are carrying it!
  4. Battery Life is incredible, you can go weeks without a charge
I have had my PaperWhite for years now and I love the device, it is so easy to use and very affordable for an e-reader. All in all if you are wanting an E-reader I would say go for the PaperWhite, you won't regret it when you are able to read in the dark without waking your friends up with the light.


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