Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Buying Bans

Book Buying Ban... 

What is a book buying ban?
  • A book Buying Ban is when for financial reasons or the lack of space you slow down or stop buying books for a while, usually to decrease your To Be Read pile (TBR).
Why I am doing it:
  • I am utilizing this as a way for me to make sure that I actually want the books that I spend what little money I have on books. 
  • I want to spend the time reading the ones I already have; before it felt like I was just looking for the next order to place where now I am slowing down to read the books I have.
My Strategy:
  • Every Two books I read I am allowed to buy one book, pre-orders count.
    • I am doing this because there is no way I could cut buying books completely, this way I am anticipating the purchase and deciding what I really want.
  • Using my Wishlists
    • I am using the wish list function on a lot of book buying sites so that I can find the books again when I go into actually buy them. Instead of buying right then.
  • Ridding my Shelves of duplicates. 
    • I am kinda picky about editions of books that I purchase, therefore if I was not able to find the edition of a book I wanted when I bought it and got a random set I will be getting rid of them periodically. Most likely to friends but ones I believe you all will enjoy may be done in a Twitter Giveaway; follow me @komondor70 
  • I am hoping to keep this going until June at the earliest, as college students do not get the most money to spend :)
We will see how long I last... :) 
Happy reading Everyone!

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  1. Libraries are your friends. Most library systems in New York are pretty good about keeping up with new publications, and that way you don't waste money on a book you didn't like or don't want to keep.