The Summer Reading Tag!

The Summer Reading Tag!

I recently saw Jen Campbell on YouTube do this tag, and since it is not one of my posting days for videos,  I thought I would answer these seven questions for you today on the blog! I am going to have a video up this weekend, though I am not sure what yet... Without further gabbing lets get to the questions!

  1. What three books do you want to read this summer?
    1. I would love to read: 
      1. Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
      2. Ghost Talkers by: Mary Robinnette Kowal
      3. This Census Taker by: China Meiville
  2. Which character most embodies the traits of summer?
    1. Kizzy from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by: Becky Chambers 
      1. She is so much fun to be around and read about on the ship, and she has the brightest and most bubbly personality of any character I have read. Kizzy = Summer!
  3. What book do you most associate with the physicality of summer? 
    1. I do not really do this with any particular book, however I associate colors and cover designs with summer and the other seasons. Colors such as Orange, Red, Yellow etc... 
  4. What kind of books do you like to read on Holiday? 
    1.  In my family we do not go on holiday trips or anything, so there are not any books I would remember reading on holiday, however during the summer break I read a ton of large books that I cannot read during the school year.
  5. If you could go on holiday with any author, where would you go? 
    1. I would go on holiday with John Scalzi, because he always has some witty and slightly irritating comment to make that would make the holiday so much better! I would like to stay in the USA and just go to a comic con with him and hear his banter about the whole experience!
  6. What is your book of the year so far? 
    1. This is a very tricky tricky question for me to answer because I have read so many amazing books! I would have to say a three way tie right now between: \
      1. Swamplandia by: Karen Russel
      2. We Were the Mulvaneys by: Joyce Carol Oates 
      3. The long Way To a Small Angry Planet by: Becky Chambers
    2. These are all amazing books for their own reasons, you should check out my revies of each of them right here on the blog and then pick them up!
  7. How did you spend your summer holidays as a child? 
    1.  I spent my summer holidays at some sort of Boy Scout camp or even just a summer swim program, so I was always busy. Now I just work and enjoy writing for the blog and reading awesome books!

Those were my answers for the Summer Reading Tag which I found through Jen Campbell's Video

Happy Reading! 

Check out the YouTube page on Sunday for more awesome content!


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