Monday Madness!

Monday Madness!

Hello, People of the Empire!

I am back again tonight with this weeks Monday Madness! I think this is a very good way for me to share what I will be doing this coming week, I have a very busy week going on this week but I am going to try to do this week in my bookish World! First of all, those of you who have been following my YouTube Channel I am sorry that there was not a video this past Sunday. I have been very very busy with work and reading so I did not have time to film this week! I will have more videos up this week and I am very excited to show you all what I have been planning for the blog, I promise we will have new actual content up on the blog this week! 
I will be reading a ton this week, hopefully after I am done work. Tomorrow I have an author interview tomorrow with Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Paul Tremblay at a local shop. I am busy right at this moment reading A Head Full of Ghosts by: Paul Tremblay and I have finished Hex by: Thomas Olde Heuvelt which I will review on Friday! I am very excited to meet these two fellows and chat about their bloody brilliant books and enlighten you about their works! I have quite a few questions for them, I will also be vlogging the event and posting it on Sunday for your viewing pleasure :) That is just what I am doing on Tuesday evening, on Wednesday I am going to a concert with my girlfriend. I will get to see Lindsey Stirling in concert on Wednesday! And again on Saturday I am going with my families stock race car to Massachussetts for a race filled weekend, these events are going to make reading this week very hard so I have decided to limit what I am reading!

I am going to read A Head Full Of Ghosts by the end of today, and my read for the rest of the day is going to be NineFox Gambit by: Yoon Ha Lee. This is a SF book that I have been meaning to read for Rebellion Publishing on I am really in the mood to sit down with a very good book and stay up way too late finishing some reviews and books for publishers. I know I have said I wanted to finish NineFox Gambit this past week, however I became distracted with Hex and now A Head Full of Ghosts for the author interviews I am doing tomorrow, so with these now done I will have enough time to start a new book and plow through it! I will not be too ambicous with my plans this week, I will see how many I am able to complete in this busy timeline. 

Please let me know what you all are doing this week, I will have a new post up tomorrow at somepoint from my list of scheduled posts. Keep checking in all this week to see those interviews, and possibly a great giveaway! 

Happy Reading!

Chat with me on Twitter and on Goodreads if you have any questions or opinions, I am always up for a good bookish chat!


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