Reading Update!


When we last spoke on Monday, I was frantically trying to complete A Head Full of Ghosts by: Paul Tremblay for the interview that I had with him and Thomas Olde Heuvelt at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier Vermont. I unfortunately did not complete Paul's book until today at noon, however I am pleased to say that I enjoyed the book greatly and will have a review up late late tonight (July 13th). I will be working on editing the video interview I had with Thomas Olde Heuvelt tomorrow and hopefully have it ready to be posted this Friday/Saturday, along with a review of his book Hex!

Tonight, however I am going to see the amazing Lindsey Stirling in her summer tour for her new album, Brave Enough. I am hoping that after this exciting event I will be able to come back to my house and read for an hour or two before I fall asleep again. I will be reading Winter People by: Jenifer McMahon, which I am buddy reading with Missy from The Binge Reader on YouTube! 
So far I am finding this book to be a very quick and enjoyable read that incorporates just the right amount of horror and contemporary setting to allow the readers to connect with the story. With this recent horror and thriller kick that I have been on I am eager to finish this book and share my thoughts with you all! 

The Concert was astonishing! A post will be up soon about my time there!!!!!

Happy Reading!

My Perspective on The Horror Genre!

I am very new to the genre of Horror, and suspense so I have a unique thought process going on with the books I read set in these genres and I thought you should know why I have fallen in love with this genre. For the longest time I felt that the horror genre was just going to be a rip off like the cheesy and exploitation filled Hollywood films that I had only seen trailers for, this deterred me from reading anything with the label of "horror" for fear of being jump scared or exploited for an emotion. I honestly would still have this closed and very naive opinion about the genre had it not been for an event that my local bookshop, Bear Pond Books was having on July 12th called a Mid Summers Nightmares author signing. This event is what afforded me the joy of interviewing both Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Paul Tremblay, along with hearing from some great local authors who I am now excited to try their works. Knowing that I had the chance to meet these wonderful authors spurred me into a reading frenzy to finish some of their works before I had my interview with them, while they did scare the day lights out of me I must admit that they are some of the most well crafted and fun stories that i have read in recent years. Having completed their books, I have since given up on the stigma or horror novels and will be exploring some on Thomas Olde Heuvelt & Paul Tremblay's recommendations. 

While I have moved past the stigma and fear of horror novels, I do not know if I will be able to step beyond with horror films. I am one of the biggest scaredy cats that you will ever meet, often times in the dark when I am forced to open or close the store where I work I see my own shadow cast by a singular light that we have by the register and I jump away from it! I honestly think that the footage that the store has with me scaring myself on it could be worth millions one day to a comedian looking for an easy target. With that being said, I feel that horror books have a different effect on unassuming readers like myself; as a reader you can imagine the horrors and their gruesome details. I am more afraid of visual queues of horror than reading about them. If someone shows me a torture scene in a TV show or movie I am often seen looking away or shielding my eyes from the gore and brutality on screen, however when I read about such events they pull me into the story and intrigue me to read on even faster. This is a very odd juxtaposition of emotions with a similar medium (horror) I cannot concisely explain the reason why I am able to handle and enjoy the horror novel genre and not horror films. 

I have never actually attempted to watch a horror film, however I know it will do more "damage" to my sleep pattern than the horror novels would. I am going to give one horror film a shot, Jaws purely because Paul Tremblay said that it is one of his favorites and out of every other one I can think of it sounds the most tame. After viewing Jaws later this week I will post a reaction video/Blog Post so all can see how my first viewing of a horror movie goes, try not to laugh too much at my reactions. 

In conclusion, this little chicken (me) will be attempting to explore the horror genre and its many forms in the coming months and I am going to be taking you all along for the ride!


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