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Lindsey Stirling 2016 Tour!

I cannot believe that last night, July 13th at 8PM at the Flynn Center for The Performing Arts I got to see Lindsey Stirling perform for her first time in Vermont! I first want to clarify why I am doing this post, I am not doing this post to boast or brag, I simply want to write my thoughts for the future and tell you all about how amazing she is as a women and performer! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures or videos of her performing so I do not have any exciting pictures to share with you guys, but you must trust me that she was amazing! Her costumes made the night all the  more magical, along with the astonishing visual effects. 

My girlfriend and I went up to Burlington from my house, which took us about one hour to reach the Flynn Center. We arrived at 7PM and got our tickets from the Will Call and then had to wait until around 7:30PM when they let us through security and into the main lobby of the Center. I found this to be very odd that they did not let us into the theater until about 8:00PM when the opening act was going on, the artist who opened the concert I cannot remember her name, sorry. The opening act was powerful and amazing, but we all went insane when Lindsey walked onto the stage! Directly after the opening act the stage crew cleared the stage for Lindsey and her dancers which took about thirty minutes in total. And then she came out to give us the show of a lifetime! She miraculously played for two hours solidly alone aside from some backup instruments and dancers, I was not expecting such a long show but I truly was left in awe and craving to see more!

Lindsey has a stage presence that I cannot describe by anything except as magically awesome (so articulate I know)! She is a small human being with the biggest heart of any person I have met, she projected love into the audience with such sincerity that I was stunned! She played many songs including my favorite Roundtable Revival, Stars Align, Transcendence, Elements, Shatter Me, and many more including a few from her new album! Let me just tell you my personal reaction when she began to play Roundtable Revival; I nearly shot out of my seat and began to dance (poorly mind you) to the song! The whole crowd began to ell and scream when she began to play the song, we had the best time while there because of Lindsey's energetic and loving stage presence! 
Our seats were in the front row of the Theater which I was shocked that we got, however I was on my computer ready to buy them the day that they went on sale in February so I knew I would get decent seating, but I was not expecting where we actually sat! We were in row A seats 10 & 8 (right next to each other) and here is the view we had of the stage (no zoom used)! The joys of having front row seats was shown to me when Lindsey began to dance across the stage and interact with the audience as she played! She stopped in front of us quite a few times dancing and smiling to the whole crowd, making the show that much more personable and entertaining.

The special effects and props were killer, she played Moon Trance and they filled the stage with rolling tomb stones and fog from a nearby fog machine. This was just the beginning of the astonishing effects, when she played elements and a few other songs a white backdrop sheet cascaded from the white scaffolding that you see in the photo, allowing them to project scenes and music videos onto! The best special effects that we saw were in her song Transcendence, when the sheet was having color wisps projected on it, with her dancing and playing behind it! She can move with such grace and force while playing that my jaw was open the whole time she was even on stage, I am neither musically inclined nor can I dance and she was able to do both at the same time! Some of you may be curious if she dances like she does in the music videos that she has out on stage, and I can confirm that yes she does dance with just as much grace and spunk on stage and in front of the camera. I could go on endlessly about how amazing she is, but I want to express how happy I am that she came to Burlington Vermont which usually is not on any tour stops! Lindsey if you come back anywhere near Vermont you can be sure that I will be there with friends!

I would highly recommend if she comes anywhere near you with this summer tour which I will link down bellow that you guys go to see her perform, regardless of the seats you get!I will be pre ordering her new album which comes out in early August (the 19th) which is called Brave Enough!

And because I cannot get enough Stirling right now, I will be reading her book ASAP and posting a review up of it, along with a playlist to listen to whilst reading the book!

Tour Schedule & Tickets
Album Pre-order on Amazon
Lindsey Stirling's YouTube Channel

The Arena

This is a new song from her, along with a music video that is killer! This one video will give you the idea of her stage presence that I am hard pressed to describe by anything other than magically epic!

Go Check out her music NOW!

If any of you are die hard Stirling fans, let me know your favorite songs by her! My favorites are Roundtable Revival and Moon Trance, both of which were played at the concert. 


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