TBR Time!

July 2016 TBR:
A Very, Very scary TBR!

I know that I normally would deviate from my TBR lists if I made them public, however I have decided to make a TBR for July because of the shear number of review books I MUST read. I need to get all of these done within the end of the month to ensure they will have proper reviews up for the Authors and publishers. I understand that this is not uncommon for me to have this many books on my TBR however they have never all been completed as these must be. Let me know your tips and tricks for reading a ton, I know I will need the extra help. 

The Books: 

  1. Jerusalem By: Alan Moore
    1. Page Count: 1,279
    2. This book was sent to me by the awesome people over at Liveright Publishing house! I cannot wait to read the book and get a review up for you all, as this is such a large book I am giving myself all the time in the world to complete it by the September 13th 2016 publication date!
  2. Voices of Fire By: Alan Moore
    1. Page Count: 316
    2. I am already 40 pages in to this book, I would like to have a review up of both of Alan Moore's novels when I post a review of Jerusalem! 
  3. Watchmen By: Alan Moore
    1. Page Count: 416 (Quick read since it is a graphic work)
    2. This is a small graphic novel that is often considered to be Cannon literature for all comic lovers, however my desire to read it stems from receiving Jerusalem.
  4. V For Vendetta By: Alan Moore 
    1. Page Count: 296 (another quick graphic work to read) 
    2. This again is with my new found fascination with Alan Moore as a person. He is a unique and quirky man who I am trying to learn more about through reading his books!
  5. Ninefox Gambit By: Yoon Ha Lee
    1. Page Count: 384
    2. I received approval through NetGalley to read this book early for review, however at the time I attempted to begin this book I was in a slump. I am now going to complete the book and review it, it is going to be an odd book overall.
  6. The End of The End By: Paul Kane, Cavan Scott, Simon Guerrier
    1. Page Count: 320 
    2. This book was another NetGalley approval, that is released on August 9th for the rest of the world to read. It is a collection of three novellas about the apocalypse and its effect on those who survive them. 
  7. Mages Blood By: David Hair
    1. Page Count: 671
    2. This is going to be read in preparation for the release of the fourth and final book in the series here in the US in September, which I received from NetGalley for review. I have heard some amazing things about this series from my awesome friend Kaitlin from Kitty G on YouTube!
  8. Scarlet Tides By: David Hair
    1. Page Count: 657 
    2. Again this is the sequel to Mages Blood and I need to finish this one to move on in August to read the completing books in the series for the publisher. 
  9. The Winter People By: Jennifer McMahon 
    1. Page Count: 382 (This is a quick Thriller) 
    2. I won this from my friend Missy's YouTube Giveaway and I will be buddy reading this with her at some point within the month! I cannot wait to diversify my reading even more into the Horror genre1!
Did you guys get all of that? I cannot believe I will be tackling it all this month, I am going to need to read Nonstop (Hamilton Reference :). 

Total Page Count: 4,721 
  • This seems impossible now, I just hope that these books grab my attention and pull me into the story line and let me go within these worlds!
Happy Reading! 
I am really sorry I do not have the HEX review up today, I will have it live for Monday! I am over halfway and loving every minute of the book!


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