Monday Madness! 7-25-16

Monday Madness: My Week in Books!

Hey guys! 

I have survived another week of work and I am now getting ready to read as much as possible during my spare day time this week! Wish me luck guys, I have a tremendous amount of reading to do before this month is done! 

This week there will not be any huge events or fun author stuff to talk about sadly; however my girlfriend and I are going camping this weekend and it should be a grand bookish time! I have in fact met Sylvain Neuvel, thanks to the lovely people at Bear Pond Books for his book club chat about Sleeping Giants! I am incredibly lucky this summer with the amount of amazing authors I have been able to meet and chat with about books and the bookish community! Any way enough of my chatting, now lets get into my reading plans for this week!

To Read 7-25-16: 
  1. Sleeping Giants by: Sylvain Neuvel 
    1. Roughly 200 pages left, which should not take me more than a night.
  2. Ninefox Gambit by: Yoon Ha Lee 
    1. This is a fast paced and gripping Sci Fi that I have to review for the publisher!
  3. The Gracekeepers by: Kirsty Logan
    1.  I am 19% complete with this, however it is a very fun and fast read!
  4. Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
    1. I need to start this and begin the long haul of reading it for the publisher! I will not make a ton of progress, but one must start somewhere!
  5. Mage's Blood by: David Hair
    1. I know this will not happen, but I am putting it here as a reminder for me to get to it soon, as I have the fourth one to review from NetGalley!
I know what you guys are thinking, "Wow, Wil stop doing this to yourself each week you plan too much and you never accomplish it all..." To you who doubt me, I will prevail and achieve most of this list this week! I have a few night shifts instead of day shifts so I will be able to read during the day and when we are camping I aim to read a fair chunk... 

I know I have a very busy week ahead of me, but I would love to know what you all have been up to and what you aim to read in this coming week? Again, I am chatting too much; I will see you all later, time to READ!

Happy Reading!


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