Read-A-Long Time!

Night Trilogy:

From: Date To Be Announced in August, Keep an eye on my Twitter @Komondor70

Starts: Midnight your timezone
The Books: 
  1. Night
  2. Dawn
  3. The Accident

The world lost a wonderful and inspirational human being this week, Elie Wiesel died at the age of 87. Elie has survived the Nazi regime and their many attempts to end his life along with his families, he later went on to become a Nobel Peace Prize winning author for his book Night. I had the assignment to read this book in high school for an English course, and I was horrified and astounded at the resilience that this man had for living life through such atrocities! I think that there are many articles that can say the accomplishments of Elie Wiesel much better than I can, however hosting this readalong is my way to honor his legacy. Elie's writing has haunted me for years and I still have yet to re-read the books. Many people do not realize that Night is only the first part in his memoir trilogy, and I would like to have more people experience the amazing writing and pure strength that Elie exuded in his life time! 

Please if you have any time at all this month to read, I would love for you to join in and read the trilogy with me. The books will haunt you well beyond the page. Each book is no more than 125 pages, they are hard hitting easy reading material. There will be a twitter hashtag going up that you can use to chat about the books on, just tweet general thoughts and warn of spoilers please. 

Hashtag: #ReadNighttilDawnChat

Happy Reading!
Help me honor Elie's memory and actions through reading his memoir trilogy in July! 


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