Try A Chapter Tag!

Try A Chapter Tag!

Todays post is going to be very odd, I am going to try to do the Try A Chapter Tag which I saw on Rachel from Kalanadi on YouTube. This tag is going to be odd on a blog, but we shall try it anyway. How this tag works: I choose some books to read a chapter from and then decide if I want to keep reading or not. I am using this as a way for me to thin my shelves, all the ones that I do not want to continue reading right away I will be getting rid of. I will post the books I am going to be reading now and then update you guys tonight at 7PM EST!

The Books:
  • Trial By Fire by: Josephine Angelini
    • I read this book and thoroughly enjoyed the part that I read and I had a very very hard time stopping so I really want to continue on with it in the coming months. This is a book that I will surely be reading very soon and  keeping on my shelves. 
  • Dear Killer by: Katherine Ewell
    • This book opens with a very odd premise of a girl sneaking into a bathroom to check her "mailbox" for a letter of who she needs to kill next. I liked this but I think that it will be a fun book to read once, however I do not feel like I will keeo it around on my shelves. 
  • Noggin by: John Corey Whaley 
    • This one has a very unique topic, cryogenically freezing ones head and attaching it to a body later on to save the person from a disease. I really loved this section that I read! I will be keeping this one and hopefully getting to it very quickly.
  • Where Things Come Back by: John Corey Whaley
    • I enjoyed this book second most only to Trial By Fire because I found it to be the most relatable, a boy from a small town learning to cope with many things. I am going to pick this one up next month for sure!
I know this is a lot of books, but I really need to get these sorted out and remove the ones that I dislike or do not want to read anytime soon to make room on my full shelves.

While this did not help me to decide what books to get rid of, however it did remind me of my love for YA and I will be surely reading them all within the next month. I also sadly could not finish the first parts of the rest of the books that I wanted to, however I am glad that I did this! It may be a new installment on the blog!

Let me know what you all are reading for this weekend?

Happy Reading!


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