Uprooted PhotoShoot!

This is an idea that I have had for a long time now, and I just had the chance to photograph some books today in the light of spring! Here is the first in a series of posts that will follow many reviews in the future! I hope you enjoy my photos, and respect that these are my personal photos. If you would like to use them in anyway just mention me as photograph credit and I am glad to have you all using them. 

 A malevolent wood, a Dragon, and wizards all collide in: Uprooted by: Naomi Novik.

These photos were taken in the woods surrounding my house, with the spring snow finally gone I am able to take books out and photograph them.

Have you ever wondered 
what the trees are "thinking" as you stroll through nature? Well after this book you will walk briskly through the wood and never question the trees.
This book combines two of my favorite things into one, nature and magic! The trees were once alive in the wood, and have now come to reign terror on the surrounding villages.
The flowers in the photos were taken from my garden, with many fruiting plants in bloom right now. Sadly I could not find a single rose to tie in with the amazing storyline of the book. 


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