Friday Reads

Friday Reads!

I normally do not post things such as this, however today I was thinking about my plan of attack to complete all the books I wanted to for this month and decided to give you guys a glimpse into the madness that will be my next reading week! Again this is a post idea that I originally saw on YouTube, but decided what the heck, I can do this on my blog too!

The Books: 

  • Uprooted by: Naomi Novik
    • This is a Booktube SFF Awards nominee I need to finish and I am currently 58% done with the book according to Goodreads, so I will get to finish it this weekend! I am enjoying it at the moment but we will see where it leads. 
  • The Amazing Adventures of Kalavier & Clay by: Michael Chabon
    • This book is a massive novel that I was sent in a BookedBox subscription and I would like to keep up with the books that are sent to me in the boxes! I am planning to finish this one next week for certain, but that means I need to start it this weekend. I am hoping to read around 94 pages a day, but I do not know if I can read at that kind of pace, we will see :)
  • Swamplandia by: Karen Russell
    • I am loving this collection of vignette fiction collection. It is set in the Florida swamps on an alligator theme park and it has a rustic and cajun flare to it that I love. The audiobook is amazing, although I am loving it so much that I am going to buy the hardcover copy so I can re read it in the future! (My favorite read at the moment)
  • Midnight Hour by: Mary Robinette Kowal 
    • Another Booktube SFF Award nominee for short work that needs to be completed. I know that I can complete this within the span of the weekend, I am hoping to have a joint short story review up on Monday for the Booktube SFF short works.
  • Perfect State by: Brandon Sanderson
    • I love his style of writing however I do not know how his short fiction writing is going to be for me since I know and love his works for their lengthy qualities. I am going to be reading this also for the Booktube SFF Awards. 
  • I may also be picking up some random graphic novels over the next week to fill in the holes, I do also need to complete SAGA vol. 1-5 so I really need to start those within the coming week. 
I know this is a very crazy stack of books to attempt to tackle in one week, but I am armed with my cozy blanket and reading light and I am ready to kick my reading into HIGH GEAR! I am sorry that this post was late, I woke up this morning and began to read more of Uprooted instantly! 

Happy Reading!
Please let me know what you are reading this weekend or what you plan to read next week, I would love to know :)


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