Friday Reads/ Updates!


Hey everyone! I am making this post to update you all on my reading progress and change in TBR for the rest of the month! 

  • I am changing my TBR slightly for the rest of the month to begin the Neapolitan Novels by: Elena Farrante. 
    • I picked this series up at a local bookstore and began reading the first book on Wednesday, and I absolutely fell in love with it and bought it. 
    • I am planning to read these books in a marathon fashion so I am able to immerse myself fully into the series.
  • I am also going to finish Swamplandia by: Karen Russel which I am loving even more as I get further into the book!
    • The audiobook is amazing, all the voice actors make the story even more realistic and haunting!
  • I need to read Saga volumes 1-5 before the month is out for the Booktube SFF Awards, these should read very quickly because they are graphic novels. 
  • I am beginning to craft my TBR for June and I have no clue how I am going to complete all that I want to read but I am really going to try  to get to them all and stick to my TBR next month. If you want to know what I am going to be reading in June, keep your eye open, next Friday I will have my TBR up on the blog. 

Happy Reading!
Let me know what you are going to be reading this weekend and for the rest of the month?


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