The Terrifying TBR

TBR Issues...

So, for todays post I will be just chatting with you all about my conflicting feelings about TBR lists and how I have had to stop using them! I am guilty of creating huge and very intimidating TBR lists, which stress me out and push me to read a ton in the month. I do like the urgency that I feel with TBR piles that motivates me to read so much, however I have become way to stressed lately with just the immense amount of books that I want to read and have planned for a month. These are the reasons I will be stopping all inclusive TBRs for each month. 

What are the perks of a TBR: 
  • They keep me organized.
  • Stressing me to read all of the books I set out to.
  • I can give you all an idea as to what I will be reading for the coming weeks so you know what reviews to expect.
  • I love planning my month and getting into the reading and blogging mood which TBR creating surely does for me :)
The drawbacks to a TBR: 
  • The stress. 
    • this one is a double edged sword, it can be a motivational tool or it can also push me over the edge and make me go into a reading slump and not want to pick up anything.
  • The sense of commitment and rigidity it adds to my reading. 
    • I feel like it takes all spontaneity out of the reading experience because I read so slowly and I am already squeezing as much as possible into my month. 
With the un needed stress that I am feeling this month to complete and stick to my TBR I have decided for the rest of the summer to just give you a glimpse into the few books I can definitely get to or will need to buddy read within that given month. I enjoy some amount of pressure and motivation but I am hoping to open up my structured reading habits so that I can read the books I really want to in the moment. This unbearable feeling was sparked by my spontaneous picking up of The Neapolitan Novels by: Elena Ferrante; I felt after picking up this book series and wanting to marathon it that I became distraught because I feel like I failed to give you all what I promised for the month.

This is not to say that there will be no more TBRs, I will have some each month where I will share books that I am certainly going to be reading either on my own or for a buddy read. I also finished the Try a Chapter Tag and really enjoyed the spontaneity that it allowed my reading tastes, so I may begin this as a monthly post to find other books for me to read in the month. I hope you will be okay with this new format for my monthly reading plans, the first modified TBR will be live this Friday!

All of the Books I have to read:

Happy Reading!

Please let me know your thoughts about TBRs and their functionality? 
Do not forget that there is a photoshoot will be happening with the book Swamplandia later this week and the post will be up on Monday, follow me on Twitter to see sneak peeks!


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