Reading Habits Tag

Reading Habits Tag!
Summer Edition...

  1. Do you have a certain reading place at home? 
    1. I generally read in my bedroom on my bed, or in the living room. I cannot read outside that well because I tend to get distracted with all the sounds of the birds near my house.
  2. Bookmark or piece of paper? 
    1. Both, it just depends on what I have closest to me when I am done with the section I am reading.
  3. Do you stop reading after a page number or a chapter? 
    1. I am OCD when it comes to this, I cannot stop on a page I must stop at the end of the chapter so I have an idea where I am going to pick up again. 
  4. Do you eat or drink while reading?
    1. Nope! Nothing of the sort happens around my books, I am too afraid to get anything on them...
  5. Movie or TV while reading?
    1. I am unable to read without complete silence because I will focus on the sounds instead of my reading.
  6. One book or several at once? 
    1. I do not like to read many books at once, but I tend to have many on the go at once, although I only am actively reading one book at a time. 
  7. Reading out loud or in your head? 
    1. In my head!
  8. Reading at home or everywhere?
    1. I generally read physical books at home and ebooks or audiobooks when I am not at home.
  9. Do you read ahead or skip pages? 
    1. NO this is awful! You cannot do this, it has a huge spoiler effect and I cannot get around this question. I do not skip pages or read ahead!
  10. Breaking the spine or keeping them pristine?
    1. I keep my books as close to new as possible, broken spines always make me cringe and not want them on my shelves.
  11. Do you write in your books? 
    1. I only write in my books when I am reading them for school or they are classics that I like and find quotes that I want to find and write down later.

Happy Reading!
Let me know what you guys are reading, and your answers to these questions! I would love to see what you guys think...
                                                                                                          I wrote in this book for school :)


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