May TBR 2016

Maybe May...
(TBR 2016)

This is a very spontaneous and lengthy TBR that I have chosen to attempt to complete all of these books. I recently completed my first year of university and I am now able to read everything that I have wanted to! So I realize that not all of these may be read, but I just cannot wait to read all of these so I am going to try to finish them all! 

  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
    • By: Michael Chabon
    • Page length: 678
      • This book was sent to me by the lovely people at BookedBox! I am hoping to keep up with all of the books that they send me each month in order to stay current with their recommendations. I am hoping to give literary works a chance since I have not delved into the genre very far. 
  • North of Here 
    • By: Laurel Saville
    • Page length: 258
      • This book was a recent purchase set in the area around my University, the Adirondack Mountains. I am just really wanting to read some more set in and around areas that I can visit and photograph for my review :)
  • The Miniaturist
    • By: Jesse Burton 
    • Page length: 392
      • This book is written by an author that I really would like to read, in preparation for the release of her second novel The Muse. I have also heard so many amazing things about this author and her talents as a writer. I also bought this very recently. 
  • Shades of Milk and Honey
    • By: Mary Robinette Kowal 
    • Page length: 302
      • This is a book that I have been eying for years and have recently aquired an amazing signed hardcover from the authors website and am hoping to speed right through! Her signature is STUNNING! 
  • A Little Life 
    • By: Hanya Yanigihara 
    • Page length: 720 
      • This book has been very controversial recently and being a reader who is hoping to get into the literary genre, I figured I should read this in order to gauge what I like in the genre. I am assuming that I will not get through this book this month but I would really like to start the journey!
  • Uprooted
    • By: Naomi Novik
    • Page length: 435
      • This is one of the Booktube SFF Awards books that I need to catch up on the books that I missed so far. I am really going to need to jump into this book and get it done!
  • Nimona 
    • By: Noel Stephenson 
    • Page length: 256
      • This graphic novel is a Booktube SFF Award finalist, which I have started but I really am not enjoying this. I will be finishing this within this coming week to get it done!
  • The Wicked and the Divine volumes 1-2 
    • By: Gillen McKelvie 
    • Page length: 312
      • Another Booktube SFF Awards nominee! I am going to fly through these this week to get ahead of the game for the liveshow that is fast approaching in June!
  • Midnight Hour 
    • By: Mary Robinette Kowal 
      • This is a short work that is for the Booktube SFF Awards and I am going to be reading this on my kindle, it shouldnt take me any longer than an hour to complete. 
  • Perfect State 
    • By: Brandon Sanderson
      • This is the final piece that I must read for the Booktube SFF Awards and it should not take me more than two hours so I cannot wait to read a short work of Sanderson's!

I am also still reading A Brief History of Seven Killings By: Marlon James, however this is only going to be a book that I pick up if I am not liking what I am reading at the time. 

This is again a very ambitious TBR that I may not be able to read them all in this month but I surely will try to do this. I am also going to be working on top of all of this reading! I am crazy but I really want to get through all of this!

Happy Reading Guys!
I will be updating the blog as I read these books.


  1. And I hear you have an 800+ page book waiting for you at the BPL, too... :-)


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