Weekly Plans 4/3/17

Weekly Plans: 

Hello Everyone! 

I am back today to speak about my weekly plans for reading and what I have coming up for reviews this week! First and foremost I have been reading Waking Gods by:Sylvain Neuvel which I hope to review tomorrow on it's release day, April 4th 2017. That being said I have about 130 pages left to read in that book, which is completely attainable for one day's reading if I am able to sit down and read at length, which I am not sure I will be able to tomorrow. That being said, there will be a special post going live tomorrow discussing the Themis Files books by Sylvain Neuvel and the release of Waking Gods. This book will be my predominant read for the week until I am able to complete it and write a review for you all! 

I am hoping to get through at least one more novel during the course of the week. I know that this is going to be a test of my will however the books that I have to choose from at the moment are: 
  1. Shotgun Lovesongs
    1. by: Nickolas Butler 
    2. This is Mr. Butler's debut novel that came out a few years ago, following the events of a small town where a member becomes famous and then returns. This is a personal choice that I am reading before I dive into his newest novel, The Hearts of Men which I was kindly sent by his lovely publicist at Ecco books. I am finding the story to be a glimpse into small town life that is uncanny and has given me the joy of reminiscing on my small town back home while I am at school. This is a high priority as I would like to complete it prior to beginning his newest novel. 
  2. The Sword of Summer 
    1. by:Rick Riordan 
    2. This is a selection for the Booktube SFF awards. I am attempting to read the whole shortlist this year, however as always I have fallen behind and I am working to catch up. This novel as I am sure you are all aware is a new series by Rick Riordan who wrote the Percy Jackson series, though this one follows Norse Myths and their gods. After completing Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology  I am enjoying the plot and action packed pace that this has. Being that it is a Middle Grade novel I hope to complete it within the week as well. 
Total Page Count (Including Waking Gods): 964 

I know, I know you all are well aware of my slow reading pace during the Uni months but I am going to make the effort to complete these novels during the span of a week to remain in control of my ever growing review que. 

As I said aswell check in tomorrow to see what I have in store for Waking Gods by:Sylvain Neuvel! 

Happy Reading!


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