Book Buying: The Influence of Friends

Book Buying: 
The Influence of Friends

Hello everyone, 

Today I am here to discuss the influence my friends have on my book buying and reading experience as a whole. We all have those extra bookish friends who will share any and all recommendations with you at the perfect time for you to purchase them, it is those people I will mention today. 

These people are predominantly my online friends that I am speaking about, as many of my in real life friends to not read much. These people often times will chat about something with me or on Twitter which will intrigue me, I then search for it on Goodreads. If the synopsis sounds good and my friend has given it praise it goes in my library or Amazon cart. This leads to minor issues when planning my reading for a given month since I normally will acquire books that I would like to read throughout the month as well. While for those who give me the recommendation or who praise the book it is not an issue to read just one more book in a month, for myself it is very difficult to to do so. The reason it is slow for me to read an additional book in a month is due to the following, I have a slow reading pace, time management is not my friend, and university all throw curve balls at my reading pace for a given month. 

Reading is a hobby of mine which many I know or have seen help to enable with their recommendations or gifts. A few of those people who I readily listen to and love their suggestions are: 
Each and every one of these lovely people have given me great recommendations over the years, be that intentionally in conversation or just through my enjoyment of their channels. I would highly recommend you check them out. 

In order for me to pick up books by friends I must trust them, I must enjoy similar books, I must watch their channel or speak with them regularly. All three of these things lead to my often blindly purchasing of books to discover the characters and world building that my best friends enjoy. Reading books blindly by friends recommendations is such a fun experience that I hope you all are able to experience one day. 

Let me know any books you have read blindly through recommendation and loved, I would love to know!

Happy Reading!


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