Self Published Saturday

Self Published Saturday

Hello All, 

I am back speaking with you about the joys of reading self published books! If you are anything like me you will require a novel to have great character growth and world building; today I am here to give you all resources to find your next self-published read. 

When selecting my next read I rarely remember to check online for any newly released self published novels, however I do realize that they are out there and that they have the same if not better merit than those more widely known titles. For this reason I have created a system that I check each and every time that I purchase a book. The best resource I can give is to read reviews of any and all books you are interested in, you never know what will be self published. Some of my favorite reviewers are, Kitty GJen CampbellMercedesPaul, and many others most of which are on YouTube. 
Indie Book Reviewer List Andrew Liptak. These people speak about loads of books which I would rarely find otherwise mainly in the popular category, though occasionally they will feature a novel that is self published and I am able to capitalize on their love for it. Getting these recommendations allow me to pick up new novels and trust that they will captivate every second while I am reading. 

If something is not reviewed by people that I trust then I will go to the Amazon Kindle store to read a sample prior to purchasing the physical book. Usually reading the first few sections that are provided within the Kindle sample a reader is able to grasp the author's style and character depth which will add to the story if they are done right. Goodreads giveaways are another way to find books that are self published since the authors will often use that platform to get their books more exposure, in doing giveaways on Goodreads readers are able to try a new author's work and review a novel for them. The Goodreads giveaway tab can be found Goodreads fantasy Giveaway Page

Between these places that I explore to find new self published books and authors to read, and local authors in New York and Vermont I have plenty of options for my self published library. If you are unable to try to find self published books through these methods you may have better luck approaching your independent bookstores to see what events of authors that they recommend who write in your area.

Some of the books that I am eager to dive into that fall under the self published topic include: 
  1. The Axe and the Throne
    1. by: M.D Ireman
  2. Dawn Of Wonder 
    1. by: Johnathan Renshaw
What are you looking forward to picking up?


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